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Tag: survival

Review: Until Dawn

Whenever October rolls around I, like many other streamers, indulge ourselves in all the spooky and scary games we have stacked up over the last year or more. This year, having finally set my PS4 up for capture and streaming, I grabbed the PS4 exclusive, Until Dawn. I had wanted to play this game for several years now and finally got to dive in with both feet in a blind playthrough.

Don’t Starve… If You Can.

Browsing the Steam offerings at the beginning of the year, I noticed a new indie looking game called Don’t Starve. After a quick glance at the page I see it is labelled as a wilderness survival game developed by Klei Entertainment. OK, sounds like my kind of thing I guess. Scavenge and gather resources, keep the terrors of the world at bay and such. I also see it is still in beta and this is an early release, so expect bugs and an unfinished product. This has not deterred me before, since I found buying Minecraft to be a positive purchase overall.

I have to confess, though. I was not expecting much from it, and not because it was clearly marked as an early access beta. Not that I was expecting bugs from it, simply because I wondered how in-depth it could be. Was it purely a Minecraft style game with a different camera perspective? There is something to be said for moderate expectations going into something new.

Minecraft: Adventures in Block Form

Sorry about the lack of blogging lately. It has been a little busy for me and I have not had much time on this game since the update came out. It has been written for a while but needed a few details padding out with the newly introduced content and such and I had not much time to explore them all. Anyway here goes…

In my last blog I said I was going to introduce people to Minecraft. Some people at work have heard me speak of this game and others who know me on the net are most likely already playing it with the same level of addiction as I am.

Minecraft has grabbed my soul with a kind of very basic gameplay could in itself be a study on game design. Minecraft is the core of open-world gameplay with little fluff and fancy graphics that seem like they were torn from an old NES game and converted into basic 3D. It is a simple sandbox with no story and no premise to the setting, as open-world games usually are.