Channel FAQ

I am Iron Wolf, or Mat if you prefer. I am a UK based streamer on Twitch, and an Affiliate Program member. I will be moving to Canada in the near future to live with my wife, too!

My channel focuses on variety gaming streams. We keep a friendly environment that welcomes all viewers while having fun playing video games and promote gaming as an all-round awesome form of entertainment.

What links do I need to know? Channel

Twitter Account

Instagram Account

YouTube Channel

Green Man Gaming Affiliate Link

Does a subscription on Twitch support you as a broadcaster?

Yes, it does! And it is always appreciated. To be clear, as an affiliate on Twitch I will receive a portion of the subscription cost, after Twitch pays taxes and fees to the relevant government authorities. Twitch splits the remaining revenue with the channel.

If you are considering a subscription, the first tier is $4.99 per month and will become a recurring payment that you can cancel at any time. You can also subscribe with a tier 2 or tier 3 subscription. These cost $9.99 and $24.99 respectively.

As a subscriber, you will be able to access the range of current chat emotes from my channel! These can be used anywhere on Twitch, not just my channel. So, if you have a subscription, be sure to spread those emotes around on other channels you may visit. Also, tier 2 subscribers get one additional emote and tier 3 subscribers get two!

You will also be able to view recent stream you have missed by visiting the Videos tab at the top of my channel page. These videos are only there for 60 days before they expire from Twitch and are released on my YouTube channel.

Twitch Prime Subscriptions

There is another way to subscribe to a channel on Twitch. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can link this to your Twitch Prime account and you will have one free subscription to a channel of your choice every month, as well as access to other benefits via Twitch such as free games every month, exclusive Twitch-wide emotes, exclusive in-game content and more!

See the Twitch help guide for full information on the benefits and how to get started setting up your Twitch Prime account:

You will have to manually renew your subscription every month. The good news is, as a Prime subscriber you will have all the same channel benefits as a tier 1 paid subscriber. And you still support the channel as Twitch will give a portion of revenue to the channel as though it were a tier 1 paid subscription.

Do I need to Subscribe to your Twitch Channel to support you?

No, there are lots of ways you can support this channel as well as any channels on Twitch without spending any money.

  • You can re-tweet my [LIVE] tweets while I am on air.
  • Leave a browser tab open to my channel. Mute the tab, not the player, otherwise Twitch unloads you as an active viewer.
  • Follow the channel on Twitch.
  • Follow my channel on YouTube.
  • Follow my Twitter.
  • Follow my Instagram.
  • If you are watching, feel free to chat but I am happy if you simply wish to lurk. Every viewer is welcome.
  • Visit my Green Man Gaming affiliate link above. If you are thinking to buy any games, they might be cheaper than Steam, and I get a portion of the revenue to support the channel!
  • Tell your friends about me! If you enjoy the show, please recommend me to others.