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Tag: Red Dead Redemption

Something old or something new?

Well the something old is not going to be that old at all. And the something new is…. well, older than the old. But whatever. Time is a relative construct and as far as where I am standing, the something new is something that I have owned since Saturday the 2nd October.

I speak of Halo ODST.

And the something old, I mentioned at the end of my first blog, is Red Dead Redemption.

So here goes nothing…

… really, nothing.

Like, this first post will most likely not be related to the blog in any way, shape or form. This is the scene setter which, as an author will tell anyone, is essential the process of establishing something. Not that this blog is something…

I have not blogged in a long while now and the last time I blogged was for a game called X-Plane. A flight sim that sucked away much of my early young adult life. Not that I mind, since you could create your own planes and it had, and still does have, an awesome community at X-Plane.org. When the site was upgraded from a simple forum with a download server to a full on social portal, blogs were added and I began moaning about anything and everything in life back then. Anything but X-Plane really, to set myself apart from the hard core aircraft developers using the blogs as a development update tool.

And so here I am again, diving on the fringes of something that most internet dwellers have been doing habitually for years anyway.