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Tag: Halo 3: ODST

Halo 3: ODST, reflections before completion

OK my last blog went on a little too long so I guess I learned that unless I am being quick and snapshot like a single blog should be reserved for a single game.

Also, I stated in the last blog that Halo ODST was Halo’s ‘last outing’. And I now realise this could read wrong and fanboys will be waving their home made timeline spreadsheets in my face showing the sequence of events in complete chronological detail as well as the release dates for all games in the Halo series.

Yes, I know that the latest game is Halo Reach and there are no plans to make any more Halo games. By ‘last’ outing I do not mean the last one they will make. I mean the one before the current one. Like saying ‘last night’ where there will be another night ahead of us (we all hope). So hope that clarifies things. And no, I do not own Reach yet. Actually I only just got my hands on ODST, finally. And so this is my post about my thoughts on ODST and Halo in general.

Something old or something new?

Well the something old is not going to be that old at all. And the something new is…. well, older than the old. But whatever. Time is a relative construct and as far as where I am standing, the something new is something that I have owned since Saturday the 2nd October.

I speak of Halo ODST.

And the something old, I mentioned at the end of my first blog, is Red Dead Redemption.