So here goes nothing…3rd October 20109th September 2019Iron Wolf

… really, nothing.

Like, this first post will most likely not be related to the blog in any way, shape or form. This is the scene setter which, as an author will tell anyone, is essential the process of establishing something. Not that this blog is something…

I have not blogged in a long while now and the last time I blogged was for a game called X-Plane. A flight sim that sucked away much of my early young adult life. Not that I mind, since you could create your own planes and it had, and still does have, an awesome community at When the site was upgraded from a simple forum with a download server to a full on social portal, blogs were added and I began moaning about anything and everything in life back then. Anything but X-Plane really, to set myself apart from the hard core aircraft developers using the blogs as a development update tool.

And so here I am again, diving on the fringes of something that most internet dwellers have been doing habitually for years anyway.

I make no commitments to this blogging, like saying I will make at least ## posts a month, and like before I might just let it fade out into obscurity and become another neglected corner of cyberspace stuffed with information and ramblings of a single person. I will, however, make a single vow to stay on topic on the subject of gaming…..

Yeah, right.

Well ok I guess most of my posting will be on the gaming industry and games that I play. And I make no apologies that I am no professional games reviewer or that I will most likely post stuff about games that people adore where I highlight the failings of the game itself on a small level. Or that I will turn around and declare my disinterest in a particular genre of games. Or even for any typos and spelling errors (that I totally put in there deliberately to see who spots them……)

I may, occasionally, post other stuff here about my life, hopefully none of it a rant or whine. Just the simple reflections of a person who is as interesting as a stuffed olive. But on the whole, I will try and post whatever games reviews, thoughts and ideas I have.

So, that is about it really. Exciting no? …. yeah, I thought you would agree.

I will be kicking off with a few blogs this month anyway, to get some good solid games stuff down that I have been bottling up for a while and to set the theme of the blog as a whole. Some will backtrack to past games influences that I would have blogged about if I were doing this xx number of months ago, but I was not and so I will do a couple of retrospectives. I will also talk about a couple of games I have recently played, though everyone else around me has played it when it came out like a year ago or something silly. I am often behind on gaming and keep trying to race to catch up others. In fact the only game I bought this year close to release was Red Dead Redemption….

Ohh there I go. I said at the start this blog was not going to be on topic and I finally mentioned a game title…

This is as good a time as any to leave this here and save this stuff for future blogs. As a scene setting goes, I think this was quite good.