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Category: Book 1 – Solaris

Solaris – Part 5: Tides

The darkness almost seemed to rush past him at incredible speed. He felt as if he were falling through a void. He was falling faster with each second, as if more than gravity was propelling him towards the darkness. Dim lights began to encircle the tunnel, moving past as speed as he fell. The lights gave shapes in the darkness, ledges along a tunnel wall. He tried to grab hold of them, stretching to reach. He could feel himself moving towards the edge, but despite this he was no closer to the walls, almost as if they were keeping their distance from him. He could not stop himself. The end of the tunnel came rushing towards him. Stars and swirls of stellar gasses filled his view beyond the tunnel edge, separated only by a sheet of glass at the end of the tunnel. He hit the glass as if it was not there, smashing through the pane as pieces of broken glass cut deep into his flesh. The boiling cold embrace of space tore its fingers through every inch of his body as his veins ruptured. His torn flesh hardened and his eyes swelled in their sockets as he was subjected to violent decompression. The air formed crystals in his lungs as it rushed through into the vacuum of space past his gargled screams.

Solaris – Part 4: Betrayal

The world was pain. Swirling all around his head, dim lights danced in his vision giving him the sense that he was tumbling through blackness. He tried to move, but his body would not respond. His body was not there, just a hollow shell of light, trapping his mind. Every time he tried to move beyond it, sharp rods would cut and rip at his fragile consciousness. He pushed until he could bare the pain no longer. Suddenly, as he was about to give up, the prison of darkness broke away under intense white light that flooded his senses. His body grew from nothing quickly as if reanimated by the light.

The light began to fade as Darius’ vision grew used to the stinging light. His skin felt like it was burning. Shapes began to form in front of him as his eye lids flickered, blinking away the haze, and formed the shape of a human. Then another. Trapped by pain, his body unable to move, Darius tried to shout for help. All that came from his mouth was dry air, he was unable to speak. Where was he? What had happened to him? He could not remember where he was, or why he was in pain. Unable to get up, or even move his head, his view was limited to where his body was pointed. Quickly he realized he was lying on his side on a hard cold floor. From what he could see, he was in a small room with several steel crates and barrels stacked against the opposite wall. There were two men in the room with him, both with their back to him. There was also a steel door at the far end of the wall to his right.

Solaris – Part 3: Encounters

The day had come for Darius to make his first supply delivery to Ramar’s new unit. The destination was deep in the Derelik region, the heart of the Ammatar system. Darius had mixed feelings about the Ammatar people. True, they were cousins by blood and those ties would always be stronger than those that were formed in words. Maybe that is why it hurts the Minmatar people so to think about their betrayal. Such hurt often translated as anger and hatred in many people he had spoken to on the matter. However, he had heard the stories of the once shunned child who preached to her peers that the Minmatar would be a better race if the Ammatar would rejoin them and be forgiven. Later in life, she received the Voluval mark of destiny that was known as the “Ray of Matar” at her Voluval ceremony that symbolized a future of great importance to the Minmatar people. Suddenly, people began to listen to her and her argument more than they had, and with less contempt for what she was saying. Darius too wished that his people could be united once more. However, it was not just the Ammatar, or the Nefantar as they were once known. It also included the Thukker who had prophesied the Amarr invasion of Matar, then fled before the Amarr invasion when no one listened to them, and the Starkmanir who were nearly annihilated under the orders of the Amarr heir, Idonis Ardishapure in revenge for his father’s death in the uprising that lead to his people’s freedom. However, the realism of the situation shows that such unity was no longer possible and as such, Darius could only afford to dream of it, nothing more.

Solaris – Part 2: Liaisons

Darius opened his eyes and stretched as his command pod opened and he breathed the must air in his ship. Many people find the smell of re-circulated air rather unpleasant compared to the fresh oxygen of the pod, but for Darius, it was the smell that greeted him with open arms every time he set foot out of his pod and back at a station where a real bed awaited him. It was the smell of home. As his ship was towed into the docking area, the soft orange glow of the station’s lights that line the access tunnel dripped through the bridge windows like nectar, creating strands of light that danced over the control panels.

Darius enjoyed this part of the docking process at Minmatar stations. Regulations on ship safety were quite clear that the crew must remain in their pods until the ship is secured at the docking point, but Darius knew that it was rarely enforced. And, though to many captains it was a simple matter, Darius never liked to miss the sight in the station as the airlock opened at the end of the dimly lit access tunnel. As they approached, the doors opened slightly as the old gearing caught hold of the door and a shaft of light raced forward to greet his ship before the doors finally began to open and his ship, and his bridge, slowly flooded with light. The light was not too bright and was quite bearable, though this was more by necessity than design as the lights were cheap and produced little light.

Solaris – Part 1: Beginnings

In his early years at the Pator Tech School in Ryddinjorn, Darius Shakor had wished he could do so much more. Always interested in galactic politics, he learned from an early age about the enslavement of the Minmatar people at the hands of the Amarr, and had suffered the foul legacy first-hand. Darius was a member of a small but proud clan that was once much larger and held great sway on the south-east island of Matar as merchants and warriors. Darius’s ancestors were among the council members that represented the Brutor at the formation of the High Clan Council that was set up between the Brutor clan and the Sebiestor long before the Amarr brought their evil ways to the homeland. Under the Amarr rule, many of the larger clans were either “convinced” to aid the Amarr with political propaganda or be subjugated for their refusal to comply. Despite the devastation his defiant clan suffered, they remained strong-willed despite their small numbers.

Because of this his clan, although still small, was accorded the respect of many Brutor and Sebiestor for their gallant stance. The elders of his clan, many decades before he was born, were the first to jointly organize and rally the factions of rebels into a liberation army against the Amarr and through this action, many of the liberated joined their ranks and eventually drove the Amarr out. But not before nearly all of his ancestors were wiped out in battle. The few that remained were honored as heroes of Matar. Such a clan in the days of old would have been absorbed by a larger rival clan, however, their status spared them that. But they were not without enemies, as their actions against the Amarr held dire consequences for many others who quietly cursed their name. But their allies were just as strong and thus the clan was protected. During the reconstruction of the council building after the occupation, it was decided that the entrance hall would be dedicated to the fallen heroes of Matar from the liberation war. Darius was proud that the entire wall around the grand door to the chamber was dedicated to his clan and to have the names of his ancestors imprinted there for all time.