A start of something new22nd October 201511th March 2018Iron Wolf

A long time ago I had a website for my very own. I cared for it, and nurtured it, and filled it with content of questionable quality. I also had no idea what I was doing, making it in an old version of Dream Weaver 4 with limited knowledge I picked up in college as a side interest. I had to make every page manually, from tables which had images inserted, or text that often refused to line up with other pages as you browsed. And this took its toll on my time and patience for making that site and expanding it. Having to add a link to a new page to every page it made sense to show in was not easy.

Anyway that is over with now. The last time I updated that site was August 2007. I have not written all that much in that time, either. Though my itch to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard since my personal handwriting is terrible, has been coming back over the last year or two. These works need a new home, and I intend to give them one.

So what will you find here, over the many months, as I bungle around with WordPress hoping to do a better job, and the old works rub shoulders with the brand spanking shiny new as if to smear their freshly laid ink in an act of veiled jealousy? For a start I will be relocating a lot of my EVE Online stories, featuring my player character Darius Shakor. These stories will continue.

I have done a little writing for other characters but I am not sure at this point they are ready for any public consumption as most are left incomplete. I may revisit them at some point and find a home for them, too. I also intend to begin writing a series of stories based on my Apocalypse World RPG game I ran with some friends. We never got far before we stopped playing, and my experience with GMing a tabletop game began to sour. Though I was proud of the setting I built and there are many stories to tell. So, look out for those in the future.

Anything else I wish to write will find its way here in time, now making a site appears to be much easier. Stay tuned…