My games wish list.28th October 201024th March 2018Iron Wolf

OK I figured I should put myself up a list of games I plan to try out and review. Still got a lot of the tax man’s reimbursement in my account so might as well put it to use bit by bit and go on a gaming spree. Not really had one in a long time and doing these blogs has reignited an old habit of games binges that killed my social life as a teenager.

So, what is in my cross-hair for blogging and maybe just good old fun? I have some old titles on here but a few new ones too, and some I won’t be getting just yet. I have some idea on what order I will play them though but won’t be sharing that. Being like a magpie, I tend to drop the juicy worm I have for lunch because something new and shiny grabs my attention and on the spur of the moment I grab it.

New(ish) stuff.
Castlevania: Lord of Shadows
Fallout New Vegas (Might get this when some multipack with DLC’s come out instead of being sucker punched for DLCs a month after release. Also, a large mod library should build up soon, so see my Fallout 3 comments for why I would wait for this)
Halo Reach
Enslaved Odyssey to the West
Fable III (Might need to set a load of time aside for this one..)
Starcraft II (Heard mixed things about this, so want to see for myself)
Red Dead Redemption: Undead DLC (Zombies in the wild west? It’s either ‘Ohh hell yeah!’ or ‘Ohh dear god… no….’)

Older stuff.
Mass Effect 2 (Yes, I need to play this badly… but as I said I am a bit of a magpie…)
Bioshock and Bioshock 2
Alpha Protocol (OK not that old but by the time I get there it may well be so I will pre-empt it and file it here.)

Also I have a small set of some games I am playing still, some of them on and off, or replaying slowly.

Fallout 3’s DLC packs
I still havea couple of backs to try out on FO3, however I am running XP64 on my gaming rig and you can’t get SP3 for it. And now Windows Live does not work on SP2 since a few month back. I need to upgrade to Win 7 soon enough. I had this planned for my media server I am planning and if Windows made their family 3 pack again I would go for it in a heart beat… maybe their relaunch will have the 3 pack again. Also as you know, I like the mod scene for this game and I like to replay the campaign very slowly to explore the vast wastes with new mods I will try out on the way, or even make a little mini-story out of using and uncovering the mods. All in my head, of course, reflected in the game play like finding a new weapon as if I were going on a quest for it.

Dragon Age: Origins
Keep putting it down for a few reasons too long to list and worthy of an actual review. But I don’t plan on it. So I guess I will keep playing with it and reach the end at some point.

Gratuitous Space Battles
Just a fun indie game with no real story beyond unlocking new ships and weapons for them. There are some mods too so I might check them out in time.

Stand by for a bog on this after Halloween. If you don’t know what it is, check out their home page. But my blog will include an intro to this.

Dawn of War 2
I played this as far as I could be bothered before the campaign chase got on top of me and taking down an ork boss fight was near impossible with the XP cap on the units already reached. There is a challenge in games, and then there is silly. I have never been big on games with in combat health management being more than half the time of the fight and the boss fights were just this. I might return to it some day but I might not.

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
I never finished the Dark Crusade campaign with my Necron army. I had pretty much all the map under my control and all but one HQ unit destroyed, leaving only the Orks I think and a few occupied territories to take over. When I made my new games rig I did not backup my game saves for many games, mainly because I was forced to reformat the old hard drive after a silly move in building the PC. My motherboard drivers deleted and the system needed resetting from the partition, wiping the data and my saves. I never got round to reinstalling it but I still look at the box wondering if I have time to stick it back on or if I should retire the game completely from my games rotation.