Shakor Saga Release22nd October 201511th March 2018Iron Wolf

Let’s start at the beginning, a very good place to start.
– Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music

And a good place it is, too. In 2003 I started playing EVE Online as Darius Shakor. I spent weeks plotting my character back-story before I even had the game. The lore had me hooked, and I found my place among the Minmatar.

I had an old website, which fell into disrepair sometime between the last update in 2007, and about 2 years ago when I noticed it was pretty broken. It was hosted by a friend, and my skills were limited. They still are, but another friend of mine encouraged me to revise my efforts, get proper hosting and become familiar with a content management system such as WordPress.

And here we are, back at the beginning. I have a lot of old stories that I will be republishing here as I clean them up a little, and I might as well start with the first.

Be warned. These stories are not my finest works at first. I had all the enthusiasm of a fan fiction writer, and very little talent. I like to think over the last 12 years I have picked up enough to get by. And I have agonised over the choice to return to my old works and fix a lot of basic writing errors that I looked over in my early proof readings. This will take a little more time and may well happen in the future. When that day comes I will re-release them again as a ‘redux’ of the old, but keep the old ones preserved. I found once while I was still very active writing that looking over my old mistakes and how quick I was to spot them was quite encouraging to my renewed efforts.

On that subject I have plans to continue the story of my character after he took a long absence. I am not sure what could fill these ‘lost years’ yet but I have a few ideas about going forward. They too will be released here as they are done, so I don’t fall too far behind. Yeah… no promises.