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OK, hello there guys. Just a quick rundown on what else I got planned game review wise. Since my last blog was more about my PC rebuilds and such. Ohh yeah, Windows 7 installed on the old XP desktop and working ok now, and repopulated it with a few games here and there as well as some new purchases from the Steam holiday sale. I have been ill with flu the last week as well so this blog should have come out soon after Christmas and before the new year so…. Happy New Year!

Anyway, I take you back (again) to a previous blog with a wish list on it of what I want to review. And with the Steam holiday sales planning to ruin my life as much as possible I have grabbed a couple of the cheap and small games.

First of all I do recommend the Flight Control HD game from steam if it is still under a fiver. You will be surprised how addictive it is, but I would recommend it more for either touchscreen users or for iPads and other tablet PCs. I had a cut down version on my Droid phone and it was good but limited to two airfields and less actual kinds of aircraft in the free version.

But there were some mad offers on large titles too and I have a couple of them on my backlog list I wish to trim down and try to stay current. One being BioShock (and BioShock 2 as well but first things first) and the other being Mass Effect 2, which I know a friend I have in the states will be finally relieved to hear I purchased for £7 on the one day offer for the 23rd. (She nags me constantly about getting it…)

I plan to review both, but I wish to replay the first Mass Effect as well so I can import a save game and profile from there to the new one and see how that works out for me. My old save was wiped in the update to Win 7 anyway but getting back to grips with the storyline again (and the crappy driving sections) is not a bad thing.

Also, as I write this I notice Back to the Future game is on steam… ohh yes I shall have to be getting this!

Fallout NV is on the list still, and in my crosshairs for the next blog after the two above, and now the first DLCs are out for it, and it seems the mod community has kicked in high gear already, it might be worth waiting for a Game of the Year edition with some extra content shipped included. I will most likely not buy this from steam, though, as I hear that the ~ key used to open the console will pretty much shaft achievements for the game forever, even on new games. That little key, while used to cheat in some cases, was also useful for keeping a handle on the bugs in FO3 as well as being required for mod controls in some instances so I don’t think I can live without it.

Finally I downloaded, and have been enjoying Poker Night at the Inventory. Since I played Red Dead Redemption, and liked the cards mini-games such as Texas hold ’em, I have developed a taste for little games featuring this contest of cards. And what better company than Heavy Weapons Guy from TF2, Tycho from Penny Arcade, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner and…. welll, Max from Sam and Max is kind of annoying… But you can win his gun from him so that’s ok when he puts the damn thing on the table.

I might actually devote a little time to recording a single blog post diary when playing a tournament as it is moments like this when you want to share your triumphs with the world. Such as tonight as I write this, I resolved to go all in if anyone holds in the first hand, as I usually see others do this and everyone has to fold. After all, no one wants to be out on the first hand… My turn to do this I think. Everyone folded except Strong Bad, who went all in. I had a couple of diamonds, like a 4 and a 9 or something. Strong Bad had a pair of queens so naturally I thing I am screwed and ready to get my coat. But the first three table cards needed playing and what drops out? Another three diamonds! Flush, baby! So he was screwed as no other cards hit the table that could beat a flush and was out on hand one. After this we had maybe another 9 hands of back and forth with the last three, I put chips down eventually and lost all but $4,000 from a headway of nearly $30,000. Last hand they all go all in and I have a choice to make, end it now or fold and hang on by the fingernails. I was getting bored of the endless up and down so I go all in and the cards are dealt. I have a queen in hand, and another two flop on the table. As the last two are drawn I see they all have either one or two pairs… and no chips between them making me the winner with three of a kind and all three players kicked off the table in one hand.

So, you can see how I would like to blog such stuff so maybe I make a small journal and do a single blog on it one day if I am bored.

So, that’s about all I got for now and I will see where BioShock takes me, followed by ME2, and get some reviews done on them so I can step up to some newer stuff again this year.