Time flies… relaunch in the works31st July 201224th March 2018Iron Wolf

Well, what can I say. It has been a long time since I did a blog here. My personal life got messy, my priorities shifted and my attention was on many other things.

I have been planning to relaunch this blog at some point in the future and I am getting closer to that date, however I am in the process of cleaning up my google stuff, and google’s crazy system is not co-operating.

In short, I desire to move this blog to another email address for complicated reasons. This address was simply created for an NDA covered project, so I can say no more about that, as a place-holder many years ago to be able to use and share the calendar. I came to like the email over using Thunderbird for my oldest of the old regular email address. So I linked my personal email, which has hundreds of things registered to it, with the google one and set it up to use that email account through the google mail interface. I also use that email address for this blog but logging in here requires me to use the gmail account.

I now want to get rid of this one as I have made a new and more permanent gmail account which does not have a user name linked to my, now finished with, NDA covered activities. I also wish to move all my old email account related stuff to the new one, so changing things like my Amazon account info etc, which I am slowly working my way through.

However, blogger is not co-operating with the migration. The process is thus.

  1. Go to the blogger admin panel and invite the new gmail user as an author.
  2. Log out.
  3. Log in to the other account, go to your mail.
  4. Click the link in the invite to add the blog to the new account’s admin panel.
  5. Log out.
  6. Log in to the old account, go to blogger and change that new user to an admin. Delete yourself as an author.

And that is it. I am hitting my roadblock at step 6. I get the invite, I click it, but going back to the blogger admin account, this one, it still shows as an open invite and I have no options to change permissions of the new author. And the other account does not show the blog in the list, either, so it is not being added to that account.

Needless to say I am frustrated with this and unable to really get into it at this point. I have exams coming up in the next couple of weeks and have been busy with revision. In the meantime I have been playing some new games in my spare hours in the evening and wish to review them. As well as working on my old reviews still incomplete.

I have a nearly finished but very bloated and confusing review of Skyrim, now and old game by standards. Yes, I know, this is kind of a running theme here. And with that I also had a review of Fable III I bought on Steam in a daily sale last year. I have a lot to say about that game, too, so I would like to work on that.

Overall, I desire to do all of this on a clean slate, though. It may not be possible as it is right now so if all else fails I will pick up where I left off and just carry on with this account for now.

When? I am not entirely sure at this point. I am aiming for the middle of next month for my first new review. In the meantime I have a couple of new review ideas to attack as well so I might hit you all with a double bill of old news and new (old) news. Yes… none of the game I have played recently are ‘new’ as such. Here is the current list of games I have played through since I last blogged.

Just Cause 2
Deus Ex
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Arma II and Operation Arrowhead.
DayZ (Arma 2 mod)
Hitman: Blood Money
Dwarf Fortress
The Movies

So, kind of a motley list of old, indie and kind-of new-ish. But it is a varied box of differing game philosophies. Just Cause 2 is a tongue-in-cheek rampage game with many fun elements. Deus Ex shows its age and plays along the same lines, but for the day it was a great difference from other FPS games. Human Revolution shows how new game designs have changed the direction from the old one. The Movies is kind of like Theme Park with some interaction and it is done very well in my opinion. Spore is a little all over the place at first but I get the hidden message in the game play style changes as you evolve. But it could have been so much more had they stuck to their guns. Arma II and Arrowhead, and DayZ as well, take things to the realistic level you get nowhere else in FPS gaming. Hitman is the game franchise that started the sneak and silent kill… well ok maybe also Metal Gear Solid but they are kind of different in their approach where Hitman is a more free-form method of doing the mission and MGS games are linear series of mission progression. But I will go into more detail on those in my review of Hitman.

So yeah… lots for me to be getting on with. I may plan to release Just Cause 2’s review first, along with the Skyrim review if I can sort it out so it does not read as confusing as it does at the moment.

Until then, wish me luck in my exams and blog migration.