RimWorld: Season 1 – Irontown13th March 20211st May 2021Iron Dragon

Here is a list of all the mods used throughout the RimWorld: Season 1 – Irontown playthrough.

Several mods in this list require either the Harmony mod, or HugsLib to be installed. Others might need both, so check the prerequisites on the mod pages first. Be sure to have both of these installed and listed at the top of the mod order in the menu in RimWorld.

Irontown is a brewery colony! For the expanded options for the brewery, you first need to install the [SYR] Universal Fermenter mod. Then install the VGP Garden Drinks UF mod from here, and be sure the Universal Fermenter mod is loaded above the Garden Drinks mod.

Here are the remaining mods in use for the Irontown playthrough.

Area Unlocker

Better Coolers

Better Vents

Bridges (Continued)


Ceiling and Floor Lamps

Curb Stone

Cybernetic Storm

Drop All Inventory

Fences (No Floors)


Graze Up

Haul to Stack

Heat Map

Infinite Turrets

LWM’s Deep Storage

Mini Table

More Floors

More Trade Ships

Realistic Rooms

Removes Tainted Clothes




RimWorld Search Agency

Seamless Embrasures

Simple Sidearms

Snap Out

Solar Flare Shield

Stack XXL

Trading Spot

Two’s Miniaturization